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All the parcels of the estate are plowed to allow better soil aeration. No herbicides are used. Much of the work in the vineyard is carried out according to the lunar calendar. Rodolphe Demougeot’s goal is to obtain the healthiest and tastiest grapes possible. To do this, the winemaker opts for a long pruning, severe disbudding and leaf stripping if necessary, in order to allow the bunches to be well spaced. The harvest is 100% manual.

The chardonnay grapes are harvested in small 600-liter tubs, after sorting in the vineyard. The bunches are pressed whole, gently and slowly, for about 3 hours. The wines are aged in 228-liter oak barrels and some pass into larger containers (350 liters) to retain freshness. The stirring is not systematic but decided according to the vintages. Bottling by gravity takes place according to the lunar calendar.

The Pinots Noirs are harvested in small boxes, in order to preserve the berries. After passing through a sorting table, the grapes are destemmed and then placed in vats for a period of 12 to 20 days. Fermentation starts naturally, without adding yeast. Depending on the tasting and the vintage, the musts are collected or unloaded at the end of fermentation. After pressing, the wines are aged in barrels before being bottled by gravity, according to the lunar calendar.

In Burgundy, there is no uniqueness. Each wine is different according to its plot, its terroir, its birth climate. Sometimes a simple path separates one vine from another and yet wines do not have the same taste sensations.

For each of our appellations, white or red, village, regional or premier cru, find their characteristics with our technical sheets.

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